Aakash Chopra differs with Sachin Tendulkar’s opinion regarding the DRS

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Aakash Chopra, Sachin Tendulkar (Image Source: Twitter)

The iconic Indian cricketer Sachin Tendulkar has recently put forth his opinion on the Decision Reviews System (DRS), stating that a batsman should be given out irrespective of what percentage of the ball is hitting the stumps.

Tendulkar, in a recent conversation with Brian Lara, said that DRS should work as a binary system; according to which a ball is either hitting the stumps or else missing it, much like how hawk-eye technology works in a game of tennis.

However, the former Indian opener Aakash Chopra opines, contrary to what Tendulkar believes, that a batsman should not be dismissed if less than 50% of the ball is striking the stumps.

“Here I have a difference of opinion with Paaji. When we are talking about the ball hitting the stumps, that is the projection that we see, we don’t see it in black and white,” remarked Chopra in the latest episode of his Youtube show ‘Aakash Vani’.

The cricketer-turned commentator further asserted that the DRS review couldn’t be compared with other sports like football or tennis.

“So this cannot be compared with football, badminton or tennis, we cannot compare that part of DRS with any other sport, because there you can see the tangible results with your eyes. But in cricket, the ball projection is based on technology taking into account the spin, bounce, swing etc. Here Paaji feels that even if it hits 5%, it should be given out. I feel it should not be given,” the former Indian cricketer added.

“Because there is a room for error. If you talk to Hawkeye, the company which makes this technology, they will say that if more than 50% of the ball is shown hitting the stump then they are a 100% certain that the ball will hit the stumps. But if less than 50% of the ball is shown to be hitting, then they are not a 100% certain. So there are chances that the ball might be missing,” Chopra concluded.

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