India captain Virat Kohli spills beans on his mantra of batting mastery

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  • "King Kohli' has been an exceptional reader of the game as well as the bowlers.

  • I will try and analyse everything about the bowler: Kohli

India captain Virat Kohli spills beans on his mantra of batting mastery
Virat Kohli. (Image Source: Twitter)

When analysts and pundits discuss modern masters of batting, very seldom does the name of Virat Kohli, not pop-up.

Kohli has been successful in all formats of the game, holding an average above 50 in each. More importantly, Kohli boasts a prestigious record for India during run-chases. Therefore, Kohli is regarded as the best white-ball batsman in the world presently.

The idea of a purple patch doesn’t apply for Kohli due to his extreme consistency and perennial rich form displayed in the past decade.

Now, during a recent interaction, ‘King Kohli’ was asked to spill beans on his success mantra. There, Kohli emphasised on the analysis of the bowler before he delivers the ball.

“I will try and analyse everything about the bowler. If he’s bowled a certain kind of delivery, what is his body language, did he do something different with his run-up, did he do something different with his wrist, was the arm speed different, is he holding the ball a different way; I’ve done that many times,” Kohli told Mayank Agarwal on ‘Open Nets with Mayank’.

“I’ve seen the ball position, and I know where the ball is going to come and I’ve been ready, and that’s the most amazing feeling when the bowler actually bowls there and you just smash it. It’s an unbelievable feeling,” he added.

Kohli’s ability to read the bowler as well as the game, especially during steep chases has stood out in recent years.

“For that(to be able to predict the next ball), you need to be aware of what he’s(the bowler) going to bring and be ready for what he might bring; that way you can be focused. When you’re too focused on your own fears, you will not notice anything – field position, bowler, pitch, swing; you’re just worried about ‘out nahi hona hai(Shouldn’t get out), out nahi hona hai, out nahi hona hai’, and you forget about everything else. When you’re ready, at peace with yourself, then this worry goes away, the fear goes away. Then you’re looking at how can I make the best use of what’s in front of me to come on top of the situation. That’s what I’ve experienced,” Virat concluded.


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