Aaron Finch questions allotment of three reviews with neutral umpires officiating the WTC final

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  • Aaron Finch called into question the presence of three reviews per side when neutral umpires are officiating the World Test Championship final.

  • An additional review was added due to COVID-19 considering the travel restrictions imposed on officials.

Aaron Finch questions allotment of three reviews with neutral umpires officiating the WTC final
Aaron Finch ( Image Source: Twitter)

Team India is taking on New Zealand in the World Test Championship (WTC) final that started from Friday at Southampton. Fans are glued to their television to watch the high-octane clash.

The International Cricket Council (ICC) had formulated some new rules for the inaugural trophy competition in Test cricket.

The excitement of the cricket lovers was washed off as rain-marred Day 1 of the marquee event. To keep the contention in balance, the ICC introduced the concept of a reserve day which would be used following a substantial loss in playing time.

Another law that has panned eyes is keeping three reviews per side even though neutral umpires-  England’s Michael Gough and Richard Illingworth – are officiating the grand finale.

Thus, Australian skipper Aaron Finch took to Twitter to question the presence of three reviews since there weren’t any chances of the umpires favouring a particular team.

The amendment of giving each side three chances for each inning to challenge the umpires’ decisions was made after COVID-19 hindered international travel for officials.

“How come both teams have 3 reviews, when there is neutral umpires in this test match? I thought it was only brought in because of home umpires recently! #justasking,” Finch tweeted.

Responding to the same, a netizen asked Finch how many reviews should be allowed, according to him. The 34-year-old was quick to point out that an additional review was added per innings to compensate for the presence of umpires belonging to the home side since the pandemic prevented international travel. Finch also enunciated that two reviews per Test were fine.’

“I like the 2 reviews in tests and thought it was fine. Totally understood the change in adding an extra one in all formats because of the Covid restrictions in umpires traveling internationally,” Finch remarked.

Another fan asked the Colac-born if he was in opposition to the new system. Finch asserted that he wasn’t against the precept but only wanted to confirm if the current regulation would stay in place for all formats.

“I’m not saying it’s wrong, I think reviews and technology are amazing for the game. Just wondering why it hasn’t changed back. Is the current number going to stay the same in all formats from now on?,” Finch expressed.

Meanwhile, put in to bat first, India were positioned at 146/3 before rain stopped play on Day 2. New Zealand had used two of their reviews but weren’t able to overturn the umpires’ decisions.

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