Pakistan cricket fan Sarim Akhtar shares his journey after being turned into a meme

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  • Sarim Akhtar opened up about his journey since the 2019 World Cup.

  • Sarim was clicked with a disappointed expression after Asif Ali had dropped an easy catch of David Warner.

Pakistan cricket fan Sarim Akhtar shares his journey after being turned into a meme
Sarim Akhtar (Image Source: Twitter)

Social media has taken the world by storm. People prefer interacting and connecting through platforms, and a milieu has been made out of the current trends.

One such trend is the making of memes. Memes help the users draw analogies and create hilarious situations.

Pictures of a Pakistani cricket fan Muhammad Sarim Akhtar has been used countless times in memes. The snap was taken during Pakistan’s clash with Australia during a 50-over World Cup 2019 game at Taunton.

Australia emerged victorious in the riveting encounter, and one of the reasons for the Men in Green’s failure was poor fielding. Sarim was particularly disappointed when Asif Ali dropped an absolute sitter for the second time in the day.

Asif was fielding at third man when David Warner hit the ball in the air only for Ali to make a folly out of it.

The cameraman captured Sarim’s expressions, and since then, his sentiments have been used to echo the thoughts of millions through a meme.

Talking about the same, Sarim revealed that he had received innumerable calls and messages after his face leaked online.

“After my name was leaked, I got thousands of friend requests on Facebook and my phone was ringing through the night. It went way beyond the cricket space, especially in countries like Uganda, Botswana, Malaysia, and Indonesia. It’s relatable because it fits into any situation that involves an unpopular decision,” Sarim told VICE India.

Sarim further added that a person in Europe even asked him if he could use the former’s image on his credit card because that would discourage him from spending money that often.

“One person in Europe asked me if he could use my face on his credit card so that my disappointed expression would prevent him from using his card too often,” Sarim concluded.

Following the incident, Sarim was also offered to be a part of Coca-Cola’s campaign with his cricketing idol Wasim Akram.

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