WATCH: Club cricketer breaks his own car’s windscreen with a massive six

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  • A club cricketer smashed his own car's windscreen after hitting a six.

  • The incident took place in the Halifax Cricket League Crossley Shield Quarter-Final.

WATCH: Club cricketer breaks his own car’s windscreen with a massive six
Club cricketer breaks his car's windscreen with a six (Screengrab: @IllingworthCC)

When a batsman hits a six in a cricket match, he tends to enjoy the moment and cherish his stroke play. One would never see a batter smashing a maximum and regretting it later.

However, the out of the ordinary scenes took place during a club game in England when a stroke maker slammed a biggie, but a few seconds later, he kneeled down and put his face in his hands in remorse.

It all happened in the Halifax Cricket League Crossley Shield Quarter-Final on Sunday, when Asif Ali of St Mary’s Cricket Club, while playing against Sowerby’s St Peter’s, smashed a massive six over the square leg boundary which landed in the parking zone.

Within a moment, Asif’s happiness turned into despair as he ended up shattering his own car’s windscreen. In the video shared by Illingworth St Mary’s CC, Asif can be seen kneeling down and putting his hands on his face, with laughter and shouting could be heard from the crowd and other players.

“That moment when you hit a massive six, only for it to crash through your own car windscreen. Sound on to hear the smash,” wrote St Mary while sharing the video.

Watch the funny clip here:

Although, after feeling the pain of his car’s damage, Asif did see the funny side of the whole incident. According to Yorkshire Evening Post, St Mary revealed that the batsman was “devastated afterwards, but could see the funny side of it all”.

The website further mentioned the crowd reaction after the shot as a spectator shouted and asked Asif to give his car keys so that he could take the ball.

“Asif, please can we have your keys so that we can open your car and get the ball back? “ a spectator asked the batsman.

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