Squad analysis for the ICC World Cup 2019 reveals Team India as the fastest, West Indies the tallest

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Squad analysis for the ICC World Cup 2019 reveals Team India as the fastest, West Indies the tallest

It was an exciting end to the World Cup 2019 as England defeated New Zealand in a thrilling final on July 14 at Lord’s. After the super-over ended in a tie, England was declared championship based on the boundary count rule.

This year’s tournament is considered to be one of the world’s most-watched sporting event. As per ICC, the #CWC19 video content views reached over 4.6 billion minutes, with its’ website and app getting over 824 million page views.

In the league stages, India claimed the top spot of the Points Table (7 wins) followed by Australia. With 0 points, Afghanistan ended up in last place.

World Cup Squad Analysis:

Myprotein took a closer look at the World Cup 2019 squads. The motivation behind the study was to find out which teams and players are the fastest, tallest, and most run scorers.

Most runs:

During the analysis, Team India came in first place in terms of scoring batting runs (41,700 runs). In terms of distance, India accumulated 521 miles to score their batting runs (including boundaries). The squad who comes second, England, does not even come close to overtaking India, accumulating 361 miles. With New Zealand not far behind at 349 miles.

Indian skipper Virat Kohli has the most batting runs in ODIs (11,520). Given his running speed of 9mph, Kohli has spent over 15 consecutive hours to get those runs, burning 15,309 calories – that’s over 6 times the recommended daily calorie intake for a man.

Bowling – Speed vs Spin:

For the bowling department, a typical spinner delivers the ball with a speed of 45-60 mph. With such speed, it takes 0.4 seconds for the bowl to travel across the pitch.

Pacers such as England’s Liam Plunkett bowled between 85-90 mph, faster than the speed of a cheetah (68-75mph). The total travel time for the bowl to travel across the pitch in this case is just 0.23 seconds.

Youngest vs Oldest:

Afghanistan spinner Mujeeb Ur Rahman was the youngest player (18 years) in the tournament. At 40 years-old, South African veteran Imran Tahir was the oldest player in the World Cup, marking a 22-year age difference.


Not only age is a major difference between the teams, but also height. The West Indies was the tallest squad, with an average height of 1.84m and an accumulative height of 27.53m. India was the shortest team with an average height of 1.74m and an accumulative height of 26.11m. That’s more than a meter difference than the two teams.

Jason Holder, the Windies bowling allrounder, was the tallest player (2.01m) in the tournament, whereas Bangladesh wicketkeeper Mushifiqur Rahim was the shortest, standing at 1.60m tall.


  • India was the shortest team, whereas the West Indies were the tallest team in the tournament.
  • Although India was the shortest team, they had the most-batting runs. This proves that speed beats height in ODIs.
  • Wicket-keepers and batsmen have incredibly fast reflexes to react as the bowl travels across the pitch in only 0.4 secs from a typical spin bowler and 0.23 seconds for a fast bowler.

India will host the 13th edition of the ICC World Cup, from February 9 to March 26, 2023. Will England be able to defend their title playing in Indian conditions? We will have to wait and watch.


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